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One [bad? entertaining? whatever…] lip-synching vid from ad agency Publicis and everyone tweaks out…

The ad agency Publicis London uploaded a video yesterday of its staff lip-synching to the Black Eyed Peas “I’ve Got a Feeling” song and all H-E-double-hockey-sticks breaks out today…Criminy.

Supposedly, the video was just for internal purposes, a shtick-y, silly deal in preparation for Publicis’s upcoming Christmas party. Ah, we all should know by now, however — once something is on the Interwebby, it’s public and up for much criticism.

The comments, both on the YouTube video and on Twitter, were rather harsh, IMHO. I think this was just a bit of random silliness rather than an attempt at trying to make something go viral…at least, I hope and pray it is. Yikes. Else, it’s a good example of what not to do.

This was exactly as we discussed at last night’s #SMUK meetup…Shannon Boudjema presented a fab deck with great examples and resources. One point in particular that she noted, if you want to gauge the sentiment of your company, simply do a quick Web search — through Twitter,, or any of the myriad other tools that exist. After all, nowadays, in the Land of Social Media, your brand is not what you say about you, but what others say about you…

Meanwhile, I have to agree with qwghlm who said, “Wow. Judging by the Twitter feedback, it’s as if Publicis butchered a live kitten in their Christmas video, not did a sh**ty lipdub.” Indeed.