Andrea Marlow

I am a social media professional working in healthcare for the past nearly-four years. I’ve been working for a great company in the States, Premier, which has given me the opportunity to learn about group purchasing organizations (GPOs), healthcare informatics, consulting and insurance. Andrea Marlow

Upon beginning with the company, I worked closely with the Pharmacy team (my “Pharm pholk”), which taught me about the pharmaceutical regulatory environment, reimbursement, clinical issues and many other complex concepts which pharma pholks deal with on a daily basis.

I then was promoted into a marketing manager role for all four business units, which was akin to drinking from the healthcare firehose. Dealing with every aspect of the organization, I quickly absorbed great information from the many teams with which I worked.

When my current position, e-Communications Manager, was created, I knew that it would be the job of a lifetime and it proved to be exactly that. In this role, I was able to pair my extensive knowledge of healthcare and communications with my affinity for IT and social media.

At the end of September, I moved to London and am looking forward to integrating my Premier experience with an in-depth exploration of healthcare in the UK.


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